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The main focus of our team is development unique interactive books. Touchanka is an experimental laboratory based in Moscow, which was established in 2012 on the basis of the graphic design company. We develop both in-house and client products.

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Our basic rule in the development of the application’s concept is the combination of functionality, friendly interfaces and appropriate technologies.
We have extensive experience in graphic design. Now we combine this experience with new technologies and create a unique solution to solve each project.
We are closely following the evolution of the technology and use innovative solutions that allow us to optimising the development process.

We launched in App Store 5 interactive books. Two more books are in progress. One of our books has been nominated for state prize "E-Book of the Year 2013." Our books took place in the Top-5 US & Europe App Store. Enjoy!

The Story of the Three Little Pigs

This is the original english tale 'The Story of the Three Little Pigs', published in the beginning of XX century. This book is created to invite children to fantasize. Each illustration was sculpted from plasticine and animated via stop motion technology. The music was composed specially for this book. The product was released in 2012, it was the first example in App Store of using stop motion technology for user interaction.


Top-5 App Store. Android & iOS editions. More than a hundred positive reviews.

Malyshariy (Babysphere)

Malyshariy is the book project, which includes the traditional paper book and an interactive edition. All illustrations were created by hand from the paper, and then animated specially for application.


13 interactive pages. Unique functional for the author's signature.

Stolen Sun

The Stolen Sun is a classic literary work by K.Chukovsky. The edition of this book with illustrations by the famous soviet artist Vasnetsov was very popular in Soviet Union. We made an interactive version of this legendary book.


The original pop-up physics engine for animation.


Every child knows this story. We decided to introduce children to the classic illustration. We created the interactive version of the popular soviet book by Vasnetsov.


The multitouch tool for the young readers.

We involve into our projects many professional and enthusiastic people from different industries: writers, artists, designers, sound engineers, developers. Our permanent team consists of three people:

Alexandra Kochetkova
Head of team who generates concepts and manages project very strictly.
Irina Khamdokhova
Creative director who invents incredible ideas and tests applications best.
Vladimir Perevoshchikov
Partner who care about all global things.

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